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Already a subscriber? The term life expectancy means the average lifespan of an entire population, taking into account all mortality figures for that specific group of people. All Football. The oldest confirmed recorded female span human life average Adult for any human ever born is years of age, though some people are reported to have lived longer there are no records to confirm these claims. All trademarks TM and registered R trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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#Life expectancy, often abbreviated to LEB is a statistical measure of the average time an The combination of high infant mortality and deaths in young adulthood from accidents, epidemics, plagues, wars, and .. This is no longer the case, and female human life expectancy is considerably higher than that of males despite. #Dec 15, The U.S. is now last on the life-expectancy list among wealthy nations, 40 percent of U.S. adults age 20 and older are now considered obese. #Feb 24, Statistically speaking, life expectancy is a measure of how long a Oddly, we're still not entirely sure why females seem to outlive men across. #The expectation of life at a specified age is the average number of years that members of a hypothetical Life Expectancy by Age, – White females.

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Feb 9, A new study argues that "substance abuse and despair" are responsible for the decline that puts the U.S. behind other developed nations.

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