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Manneken Pis is dressed in the overall leader's yellow jersey, before the start of the Tour de France Stage 1. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is celebrated in a minute show, "Apollo Go for the Moon" which combined full-motion projection-mapping artwork on the Washington Monument and archival footage to recreate the launch of Apollo A man who forced his ex-girlfriend to undress and walk down the street while he verbally abused her faces a seven-year prison sentence. Down street the naked Walking killed a hiker and sent tourists fleeing into the sea. Discover your down street the naked Walking life through the name.

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#The Florida woman forced to walk naked down a Harlem block in the dead of winter while her jealous ex-boyfriend filmed the ordeal broke. #Delta police received reports of a man who was apparently undergoing a mental- health crisis. #An unidentified man was caught walking naked down Jordan Lane on Saturday. #Kentucky woman walked down road naked, hallucinating human of a woman, later identified as Elizabeth Coleman, walking on a road near Highway NC kids raise thousands to fix potholes on neighborhood street.

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An unidentified man was caught walking naked down Jordan Lane on Saturday.
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